Are you feeling stressed? Do you suffer headaches and migraines but not sure of the cause? Do you constantly clench your teeth? Or suffer from insomnia?

If Yes, why not try a Cranial Release Massage to help relieve this pain?

Many people aren’t aware of just how the tension in their cranial system can affect the neck & shoulder girdle and the subsequent function of many of the body systems.Tension in the jaw is often generated at night during sleep and is called ‘bruxing’: clenching or grinding. Many dentists fit patients with a ‘splint’ or mouth-guard to protect the teeth, often giving little thought as to how the tension is affecting other systems in the body.

Cranial Release  is a therapeutic, hands-on treatment that works to restore proper function to the nervous system and proper balance to body structure. The release provided by this technieque causes a relaxation of nervous system, facial, and muscle tissue tension throughout the entire body, as well as a return to proper cerebrospinal fluid flow and dynamics.

Benefits include reduce stress, migraines, headaches, neck and jaw pain, whiplash, Insomnia, anxiety and depression.

With this form of treatment patients have consistent reported a reduction in tinnitus, headache intensity and frequency, jaw pain and ‘clicking’, and often a dramatic increase in range of motion of their jaw and neck from the very first session.

For best results a minimum of one hour is required and a course of 2-4 treatments may be advised.

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