shutterstock_200039633Remedial Stone Fusion is a combination of Hot stones and Massage techniques. The Stones are used to massage the entire body with the use of Sweet Almond blend of massage oil. Here are the top 10 benefits of a Remedial Stone Fusion Massage:

1. Relieve Stress

Forget about work, forget about your home duties, forget about the outside world. Taking a short time out can minimise your stress levels.

2. Feel Relaxed

As you lie on the massage table you escape from your daily routine and all things that can cause you stress, your mind will ease and your body will enter a state of relaxation.

3. Feel Rejuvenate

As you enter a state of relaxation. Your mind and body are cleared, the aromatic oils enters the body restoring and repairing your body. Leaving you feel Rejuvenated and energised.

4. Feel Balanced

As you are being massage with the stones, any muscle tension will decrease and the heat from the stones will increase the circulation allowing your mind and body to reboot and rebalance .

5. Feel Healthy

The power of massage can remove any toxins and waste in the body, making you feel healthy.

6. Feel Warmth

The heat from to stone creates warmth and comfort.

7. Increase Circulation

The balance of heat and massage from the stone will increase the circulations in your body allowing it to flow more freely.

8. Increase Metabolism

As toxins and waste are removed, everything in your system can flow more freely, so will your metabolism benefit from this.

9. Experience Healing

As circulation increase, metabolism increase, the body is rebalancing and rejuvenating, therefore the body can heal physically and mentally.


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