If you look, your Poo may be trying to tell you something about your current state of health; why your skin isn’t glowing and radiant, or why not every night’s a good night’s sleep or why your stomach isn’t as slim as you’d like it to be.  Have you been looking?
When a client is questioned about the quality of their stools for their first time, often their face goes red and their eyebrows forms a frown. …. If one does not have the perfect poo they are likely to be experiencing other problems as well, so to become embarrassed about the question has always been a confusing phenomenon for me.
So why does the perfect poo exist?  Isn’t poo just poo? Actually no it’s not, so that is what this article is about. You see our body is very smart, it’s always trying to let us know when it’s out of balance or a part of us isn’t functioning properly.  Most of the time we ignore these signs until the body says, that’s it! If you are not going to listen, then I’m not going to perform as expected and provide some symptoms for you to experience.
Most people know the digestive process according to western scientific principles, however viewing the body through the eyes of Traditional Chinese Medicine it’s a whole new ball game. For example, did you know that {the shape, size and smell of your stools will indicate which organs in your body are under performing or over functioning? By example, let’s take the liver organ as it represents the most common cause of health conditions, especially in big cities. The Liver’s job is to be sure that blood and energy move throughout the body smoothly, however when the liver is out of balance your blood and energy will become stagnant, stopping and starting as though in heavy traffic.
When this occurs you may experience several symptoms, your sleep will become restless, your neck will become stiff, and you may experience headaches and generally feel irritable.
So what has all this got to do with your stools? Well when I ask clients are they stressed they often say no, some even become defensive (irritable) but when I ask them how are their stools? Most often they suffer irregular movements and the stools are small pieces. Typical stop start traffic stuff!
Now let’s take the spleen as this is often another common problem. If the stools are incomplete – meaning after your first toilet seated posture you get up, then feel the need to have sit back down again because you have not quite finished your business, its incomplete! Stools might be sticky due to the body having an accumulation of dampness or the stools are very thin, like a pencils or they can be “loose”, or if you need to rush off to the toilet soon after a meal}, these are all indicative of the spleen energy being weak. To some this may be not important, having been told that the spleen doesn’t do anything according to western therapy.
So let’s address this point right now. If your stools are like the ones described above, below is a list of other problems you may have or are on your way to experiencing due to spleen weakness.  Bloating, flatulence, skin problems (eczema), fungal infections, cystitis, phlegm, low energy, anaemia, low iron levels, clammy skin, unable to put on weight, miscarriages and haemorrhoids and more.
The quality and consistency of your poo is important, acting as an indicator of your internal organ functionality and to be taken very seriously. For some it’s saved their lives, for others it meant sleeping well and for a lot of women it could mean the difference between not being able to conceive to that of a strong healthy baby.
Traditional Chinese Medicine indication of the perfect poo is as follows
•    Shaped like a ripe banana
•    Light colour brown
•    Does Not leave skid marks on the toilet
•    A slight smell, not offensive
•    A bowel movement at least once a day
If your poo fits this description – congratulations! You probably have a relatively healthy well balanced body, however if not and you suffer any symptoms, you should probably pay a little more attention to your lifestyle and seek herbal and or acupuncture therapy to re-balance the organs.
Here’s to the perfect poo!
Scott Cansdell