Feeling sore after a MASSAGE treatment. Is this normal?

It’s Monday morning, your neck and shoulders are feeling tight. You spent all of your weekend lifting and carrying boxes and furniture to your new apartment and now you are feeling the consequences from your weekend.  There’s a massage clinic close to your workplace so you booked a massage treatment during your lunch break because the shoulder pain was getting very uncomfortable. After your treatment, your range of movement was 80% better, the tightness has eased and you’re feeling like a new you.

The next day you wake up and your shoulder muscles feel sore…. Hang on! You’re thinking to yourself, “Why am I sore? I just had a massage.The treatment took my pain away! Isn’t a massage meant to be relieving my pain not causing more?! Why am I feeling sore after my treatment? What did my massage therapist do to me?”

Don’t panic! It is perfectly normal for your body to feel a bit sore after a massage treatment. During a massage treatment, your therapist would have done some deep tissue work, stretched and manipulated your muscles in order to increase circulation and break down tight muscles. This may have caused some micro tears in the muscle which is a normal function of a massage treatment to promote circulation and healing. Therefore leading to some soreness.


What to expect after a massage treatment

After a massage treatment you may experience some soreness 1-2 days after. This is mainly due to the toxins being released from the tight muscles during the treatment you received. If your muscles were very tight, your therapist would have performed deep pressure to release the tight areas. Remember, don’t be alarmed as the muscles are adjusting and relaxing into their new state.

If this was your first deep tissue massage you may discover some bruising over the tight areas that were massaged. Don’t be alarmed. Again this is a good sign as there has been a release of stuck blood in the tight spot and new blood can now circulate in the area for the body to heal.

Post massage treatment advice to prevent sore muscle

Applying Heat can help with the soreness. Using a heat liniment/ Gel/cream or Heat pack can help the muscles to relax and increase blood circulation to the area.

Drink plenty of water (preferably warm) to help eliminate these toxins.

Do some light gentle stretches or take a warm bath to gain the maximum benefits of your massage treatment.

As your body becomes accustomed to regular massages, the post soreness from a massage treatment will subside and be less frequent. Contact Back On Your Feet to enjoy a wonderful massage from one of our experienced therapists.

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