Choose Acupuncture in Sydney Today from Back On Your Feet

When you receive acupuncture in Sydney, you’ll be taking part in an ancient Chinese practice used for thousands of years. The human body has over 1,000 acupuncture points, each one associated with a different energy channel. This therapy is based on the premise that these channels can become …read more.

Acupuncture in Fairfield Heights Can Give You Your Life Back

If you’re looking for acupuncture in Fairfield Heights, you’re not alone. There’s a significant shift today in how people think about their health. More people are seeking natural therapies and focusing on mindfulness, self-care, food, and fitness more than pharmaceuticals. Acupuncture is one such therapy …read more.

Get Things Moving with Our Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Sydney

A lymphatic drainage massage in Sydney may be just what your body has been craving. A typical drainage massage consists of light rhythmic movements which assist the movement of lymph throughout the body. This massage is often very gentle and pleasant which can be appealing for clients with sensitivities …read more.

Experience the Incredible Benefits of Cupping in Sydney for Yourself

If you have been interested in experiencing cupping in Sydney for a while due to all the talk about this Chinese medicine trend, there is no better time than the present to try it out. At Back On Your Feet, we use all kinds of treatments, from cupping to acupuncture and massage, to help you manage pain and live …read more.

Cosmetic Acupuncture Allows Your Body to Turn Back the Clock Naturally

If your face is losing its youthful glow and beginning to show signs of ageing, cosmetic acupuncture may be the natural solution you’re looking for. Back On Your Feet provides acupuncture that targets specific areas of your face, working to reduce wrinkles, increase hydration and collagen production, and balance …read more.

Combine Fertility Acupuncture with IVF for Greater Success Rates

Fertility acupuncture is a highly sought after, complementary therapy for women using assisted means to become pregnant. Acupuncture helps regulate the liver to metabolise medications required for egg production, can reduce inflammation of the uterus, and help increase progesterone levels – reducing …read more.

Ear Acupuncture is a Chinese Medicine Practice Treating Many Conditions

At Back On Your Feet, we offer a variety of massage and acupuncture treatments, including ear acupuncture. We use acupuncture and massage techniques to treat a wide variety of conditions, including fertility, pregnancy, digestive issues and chronic pain …read more.

Remedial Massage is Used to Address Soft Tissue Conditions and Stress

The advanced therapy techniques used during a remedial massage include both deep tissue and relaxation. By combining deep tissue and relaxation techniques the practitioner is able to provide an experience that both addresses soft tissue condition and relaxes the body …read more.

Come to Back On Your Feet for a Pregnancy Massage in Sydney

Are you looking for a location for a relaxing pregnancy massage in Sydney? Don’t delay in booking a time to receive a treatment from the professionals at Back On Your Feet. We pride ourselves on creating a calming environment so you fully enjoy your pregnancy massage in Sydney City …read more.

Come to Back On Your Feet for a Pregnancy Massage in Fairfield Heights

A pregnancy massage in Fairfield Heights is a fantastic way to treat yourself to some time to relax before the arrival of your little one. The professionals at Back On Your Feet strive to provide you with options for treatments for both before and after pregnancy which will help you feel at ease with the changes that …read more.