Hydration is a key feature to enable you to stay fit, healthy and pain-free.  So how does keeping hydrated reduce muscular pain? Your muscle requires adequate hydration and by drinking plenty of water this will help to keep the muscles hydrated and in return, you will be pain-free.  The consumption of water will increase circulation throughout your body especially to your muscles. The circulation allows the muscles to be properly lubricated, toxin/lactic acid in the muscle can be flushed out and in return give you a better range of movement in the muscle, therefore reducing pain. To help you picture this, think of your muscle as a towel, when the towel is dry wringing the towel becomes difficult, there is no moisture so there is no movement to wring the towel. However, when the towel is absorbed in water, the towel becomes wet and wringing the towel becomes an easy job. This is just like your muscle when they are properly lubricated, the muscle becomes more flexible, there is no restriction in your range of movement and therefore your muscle will feel pain-free.  

At Back On Your Feet, we recommend to our patients after every treatment to drink plenty of water and implement this habit throughout the day, your body will thank you later!

Here are a few tips so you can keep hydrated throughout the day.

  1. Eat it up!

Who said you can’t be eating water? Well not physically…

Try having some foods that have a high water content such as; Watermelon, cucumbers, strawberries, lettuce and pineapples.  

  1. Drink it!

   You don’t have to physically drink water! You can substitute it with other liquids such as smoothies and coconut water

  1. Have a drink with every meal and snack!

   Before you start your meal, have a glass of water. It partially fills up your stomach before you fill it up with food.

  1. Always have a bottle with and around you! Regardless of its size!

This motivates you to have a drink or even a sip!  

  1. Fruity water!

   If you aren’t keen on having the ordinary plain water, infuse it with fruit.  

   Combinations such as oranges, lemons, strawberries and mint leaves are a way to go!

  1. Get Active!

   If you want to be properly hydrated, move around in order to increase circulation


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