Is getting a massage while pregnant suitable for me ?

Pregnancy and Childbirth is an amazing experience for females. However during pregnancy, women will suffer from all sorts of ailments and musculoskeletal problems due to the body continuously changing everyday. Pregnancy massage can be very therapeutic and relieve many     discomforts for the pregnant mother.

Massage therapist are able to massage pregnant mothers at any stage of her pregnancy. The mind and body goes through many changes throughout pregnancy. Because of these a well trained/qualified therapist will consider the many physiological changes that occur in the female body and form a treatment plan according to her patient needs. The following is a list of the different physiological changes that occurs to the mother in each trimester.

First Trimester (0-13weeks)

Nausea, Tender/Swollen breast, Increased urination, Fatigue, Food Aversion or Cravings, Dizziness, Heartburn and Constipation.

Second Trimester (14-26 weeks)

Larger Breast, Growing belly, Braxton hicks contractions, Skin and hair Changes, Stretch Marks, Nasal and Gum problems, Dizziness, Leg cramp, Shortness of Breath, Vaginal Discharge, Bladder and Kidney infection, Ligament pain, Increase weight, Back, pelvic and hip pain, Constipation and heartburn and Feeling of increased energy.

Third Trimester (27-40 weeks)

Breast growth, Weight gain, Braxton hicks contraction, Backache, Shortness of breath, Heartburn, Swelling, Spider veins, varicose veins and haemorrhoids, Frequent urination, Vaginal discharge, Anxiety, Pain in back, hip and pelvis, Skin and hair changes, Constipation and Decreased energy

               Receiving a massage while pregnant can relieve the stressful and uncomfortable feeling a pregnant mother will encounter. The benefits of pregnancy massage include: Mother-baby connection, increases relaxation, reduce anxiety, improve sleep pattern, reduce oedema, improve proprioception to support body changes, stabilizes hormonal changes and blood pressure, ease back, shoulder, neck, joint and all muscular pain condition that are common in pregnancy. A pregnancy massage is the perfect way to reduce stress and promote general wellbeing