About Mat Pilates

Pilates is an exercise regime that aims at strengthening core muscles and targeting specific muscle groups. The core muscles are our powerhouse that helps to improve our posture, balance and coordination, and stabilise our spine. Enjoying regular Pilates exercises can help to build the foundational strength required for total body conditioning, correct muscle imbalances, and reduce muscle pain/weakness. Pilates is suitable for all ages and can be used as a starting point to kickstart your fitness, or as an adjunctive to enhance your physical performance.

About the Instructor: Jeannie J Kim

Jeannie’s passion for Pilates first started in 2016 when she underwent Pilates rehabilitative exercises to help her recover from a severe back injury. Her interest in Pilates soon evolved as she saw a much-needed change with her patients in the treatment room, as many of her clients were presenting with chronic injuries as a result of weak core and stabilising muscle groups. With this motivation, Jeannie obtained her qualification in Mat Pilates Instructor Training from Studio Pilates, a highly regarded and internationally recognised training facility. In her classes, Jeannie focuses on her students’ form and precision to produce healthy, happy and strong bodies. Classes can be booked online here.

About the Classes and Studio

The classes are restricted to a maximum of 4 students/participants only to ensure maximum attention and guidance from Jeannie Kim. The duration of each class is 45 minutes. In each class, you will learn the fundamentals of Pilates to help you isolate, activate and strengthen individual muscles, giving you an effective and total body workout. You will be leaving the classes feeling energised, stronger and toned. These classes are open to beginners and intermediate levels.



Level 5, 187 Macquarie Street (please note, the studio is in Macquarie Street Physiotherapy NOT Back On Your Feet)

The studio is ideally suited for those working within the Martin Place district

How to prepare

Please arrive 5 minutes before start time

Bring a water bottle, towel, socks and a smile 🙂

Mats and other equipment will be provided and change rooms also available