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We offer professional sports massage treatment in Sydney CBD at an affordable price. We understand how important it is for athletes to be on the top of their game. To perform at your best, it’s not only important to train, eat healthy and refine your skills, but also to care for your body and do all you can to recover after heavy exertion. That is where sports massage can help.

Sports massage therapy is a technique that can be overlooked by some athletes, but is actually an essential factor in getting a competitive edge and recovering quickly. As well as helping you to bounce back after extensive workouts, it can also calm the nervous system and prevent injuries.

We now know that strenuous workouts and weight training can only take an athlete so far, and more is needed in order to reach optimum performance. Recovery time after these intense activities is crucial in order for the body to repair itself. These recovery periods can be even more beneficial when combined with massages as it improves muscle regeneration and kick starts the body’s natural healing process. While this recovery time is important for any athlete, it is especially important for those prone to injuries or strains.

How do sports massages differ from traditional relaxation massages?

Our sports massage in Sydney is specifically targeted to the needs of each client based on their age, body composition, personal training goals and fitness level. It differs from the total body relaxation massage as an entire session can be focussed on just one particular area of the body. For example, your skilled therapist may spend an entire session focussing on a shoulder or back in order to get you the results you need.

Sports massage can use a variety of techniques in order to get the best results. One technique is acupressure, which can be used to put pressure on knots or tight muscles in order to reduce pain and stiffness. By releasing these points you also prevent your body from overcompensating by depending on other muscle groups. While this treatment can be used on an ongoing basis, it is especially ideal before an event to treat problem areas.

Can it help me with an old injury?

Sports massage therapy can definitely help depending on factors such as, length of time since the injury occurred, the treatment you received at the time, and how extensive the injury was. An old injury will often require deep and specific treatments. If a muscle has become tight and fibrous due to an old injury, it may cause pain at the muscle or its tendon, but it can also cause discomfort in other parts of the body and interfere with proper joint movement. A skilled sports massage therapist can help bring you relief and improve your overall health.

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The ultimate short-term goal of sports massage therapy is to get you, the athlete, into prime condition before major events or competitions. In the long term, it can extend an athlete’s career and ensure good health and body mechanics for years to come.

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