Remedial Stone Fusion Massage
Are you looking for a safe and effective way to unwind and relax? Our hot stone massage in Sydney might be the perfect solution. It is a great warming treatment where heated stones are used to deeply relax the muscles and relieve stress.

The heated stones are placed on various points on the body. The resonant warmth of the stones encourages the muscles to relax slowly themselves, instead of stretching and forcing them manually. This is then combined with relaxation massaging techniques. This treatment will go beyond the physical, creating an unforgettable experience of relaxation and meditation. Many hot stone massage clients find that focusing on the weight and texture of the stones is a great way to begin easing into a meditative state.

General benefits
This therapy isn’t just about relieving pain or tension in one area of the body by applying pressure directly. By gentle manual manipulation of the supporting structures around the area that’s causing the symptoms, you can produce results that are more than skin deep. Massages offer a range of great benefits, from improved sleep and relaxation to stress relief, improved circulation and the relieving of tense muscles. It is also perfect for those looking for alternative methods of pain relief. If your symptoms are secondary to muscle tension or overuse, massage should have noticeable effect over a series of treatments.

If you’re not sure how hot stone (or any other type of) massage could benefit you, simply discuss your symptoms with your masseuse. They will be able to tell you how their services will contribute to improving the underlying cause.

Remedial Stone Fusion
Feel the stress melt away

As well as offering hot stone massage on its own, we offer a fusion package to help our clients get the most out of their experience. A great combination of remedial massage and hot stone therapy, remedial stone fusions is a great relaxation option for clients. During the massaging process, tight muscle groups are identified. The heat from the hot stones is then used to relieve these tense muscles and sore joints to achieve complete relaxation.

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