Today’s subject is on sex drive.

Most people have the desire but lack the drive. As life gets faster, we end up working ridiculous hours and our rest time is compromised which means we have even less time for play.

However this is not the only reason we have a low sex drive. If we look at the body from a Chinese Medicine point of view, our sex drive is connected to the energetics of our physical organs.

When we are conceived we gather energy from our parents. The quality and quantity of energy we receive is wholly dependent on our parent’s state of health. This energy we receive is called Jing. It is stored approximately a hands width below our navel. The important thing to note here is that, we are only given so much of this Jing and each day we live a drop of that Jing is used up. When our Jing dries up we die. Jing is the essence of life and every living being has it. The good news is that we can prevent our Jing from running out by strengthening our Kidney energy.

Our Kidneys are the organs responsible for our sex drive and when our Kidney energy is weak we become infertile, tired, and impotent. If you find that you are becoming obsessed with sex as well as having the followin; constant erotic dreams, night sweats, hot cheeks and feet in the evening, premature ejaculation and regular wet dreams this is because your kidney Yin energy is weak. (Yin & Yang)

When our Kidney energy is weak we start over using our Jing and this is when the aging process commences. Some say to refrain from sex while others such as Tantra promote sex as a way to become one with the universe. In today’s society the thought of celibacy would be laughed upon which is a fair comment as we all need an outlet and sex is the most powerful energy we have; powerful enough to create a human being. If we look at sex on an even deeper level when we make love, what actually happens is; we are creating balance between two opposites `Yin & Yang.

Previous in one of my other news letters I spoke of Yin & Yang, man being Yang in nature and woman being Yin in nature and by bringing them both together we get balance. Yang energy is hot and yin energy is cold. If you were to have two Yangs together you will get absolute heat and two Yins together you will have absolute cold. It is said that two Yins’ can benefit from each other for a short time but not two Yangs’ but this is a debate which I will leave for others to resolve.

When we have balance in our life we have health so the fact that men and women balance each others energies is clear statement to me that sex is a healthy activity.

But if you were to have excessive sex would this weaken the body? The rule is, “according to the old scripts” that, if you feel exhausted, have blurry vision, get regular colds, sore knees, sore back or and sex drive is low it is most likely that your kidney energy is weak. If this is the case it can be treated with Acupuncture, herbs and or Qi gong exercises. If you have night sweats, premature ejaculation, hot feet at night this also can be treated.

If you choose not to treat these conditions and are still having regular sex, I guarantee you, it will weaken your Jing and you will age faster than someone with healthy strong Kidneys. If you look at sex workers, over a two year period you will see them age very rapidly.

“There is a secret though!”

If women had orgasms through oral sex choosing only to have intercourse say
2-16 times a year this would preserve her youth. A woman can orgasm many times through oral sex without depleting herself provided she is not tired.

For men to preserve their youth it is best to follow the following rule. If in good health: age 20 you can orgasm 2x per day, age 30 once a day, age 40 every 3 days, age 50 every 5 days and age 60 every 10 days. If he is in poor health halving these numbers is recommended. “The complete system of Chinese Self-Healing”; a book by Dr Stephen T. Chang teaches techniques for men and women; improving health, sex and preserving Jing.

There are many things that can deplete your Jing but remembering to do everything in moderation should be ok. Low libido is a term used when you feel that sex would be just too much of an effort. When you are at this stage it is likely that there is more than just your sex drive that is lacking. Don’t wait for injuries to occur or even worse lose someone you love before seeking help.

If you are experiencing this problem, just say to me on your next visit that your privates are a little tired and I will treat you accordingly. And no I do not have to go down there to fix them, your kidney points are on your back and abdomen.

And be assured you are not the only one with a low sex drive, the only reason I am writing this is because it is a common problem with many of my clients.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

I enjoy researching new ideas so please forward all your curiosities.

Until next time, take care and look after your Jing!