The other day I was Chatting with a guy who did not know me or what I did. He was telling me about a neck problem he had and how bad it was so I asked have you considered acupuncture and he said no the neck is quite bad and it needs serious attention, I will go see a Chiropractor. Now, confused by that statement and thinking about the comment for a while I came to the conclusion that most people really under estimate the power of Acupuncture.

What can be justified as real or for that matter normal? Real to some people may be a feeling, to others it may represent something they visually saw, heard or experienced, but does that really justify that something is real?

Is a magic trick real or an illusion? At what point can something be regarded as real?

I ask this question because after 3500 years there is still doubt about whether or not Acupuncture is real. Why would generations of people keep Acupuncture therapy around for so long if it wasn’t, real or working for them? What about religion, they have all been around for thousands of years, are they real?

Could it be because someone experienced something, an event or happening that could not be explained as the experience was so moving, so (real) that they believe whatever it was, that made them feel that way, it would have proven to them to be real?

Is your Brain real? To this day, science does not really understand how the entire brain works, or for that matter electricity but they still say its real; it has to be, without it your body would not work and neither would your microwave.

There are many things in this world that can’t be explained or I should say that can be explained but not everybody can comprehend the explanation.  In one of the old spiritual texts it is said; “when meditating, concentrate on the breath because it is all that is real, everything else is just an illusion!” The breath is real because without it you are dead!

At this point you’re probably wondering where this story is heading?  In the Western World we are governed by what science informs us is real. Reality is measured by tangibility.  If it can be seen or measured, then it must be real, if it can’t, well, then it must be an illusion. Why are ghosts often considered a figment of our imagination? Maybe because they can’t be called upon when a scientist wants to see them?

If it can’t be summoned, called upon, measured, seen or broken down to know true nature or constituent parts, and then surely it’s not real. So where does Acupuncture come into this? When the body is dissected acupuncture points can not be found, a bit like someone having their leg cut off but still having an itch where the leg once was! Taoist say “the closer you look the bigger the whole becomes!” It is only now that quantum physicists actually agree with this theory, that if you break down the body structure eventually you arrive at a cellular level, then atoms, then energy that form the atoms and then the universe which provides the energy. Why the universe? Because all that is energy is part of the universe. So the full circle starts again. So what’s real?

My best definition of real is, if something makes you feel good, relieves some suffering and improves your life, even a little, then that experience is real, the results are real.

In due time, after science decides to stand still from chasing its own tail, breathe a little and starts to feel its own breath, then they and the no-sayers will notice that there is a vibration of something moving around their body – perhaps they’ll call it Chi or Energy?. In Chinese Medicine we call this Qi. If Science can for once say “yes there is something there because I can feel it / actually experience it” and then just accept that without trying to get to the bottom of it because getting to the bottom of the universe is perceptually possible, then the considered opinion of it won’t happen, doesn’t work, doesn’t exist and can’t be explained therefore it does not exist, may change to Yes, using the Meridians, or life paths of energy form through the body is factual and by redirecting or clearing pathways,acupuncture helps to cure and heal.

Today after no less than 3500 years many people do not believe in acupuncture and even after getting excellent results question whether the treatment was real or in just in their mind (A bit like the placebo effect).

I can tell you without quoting texts or history, that acupuncture is very real and very serious for all conditions, even serious ones! Some of the problems I have personally treated with instant results are:

Breeched baby
Morning sickness
Frozen shoulder
Someone unable to stand up
Asthma attack
Sea sick
Knee problem
Stiffness in the hips

A client arrives with severe leg problems; the Western Medical approach was to conduct spinal surgery – yes serious surgical procedure.  After six weeks of acupuncture, to this day he has never complained of any leg problems again.  Did he go into surgery, no!  Would surgery have worked, who knows?  Would he have walked out of surgery, highly unlikely, was he walking after the first treatment of acupuncture, well, he went back to work that day.

Believe me, Acupuncture is a very serious and mostly misunderstood treatment and it works extremely well for most physical complaints. Acupuncture is a very powerful method of treating the human body.  So much so, it has been able to get women strong enough to conceive and carry the full term of pregnancy when no other intervention had worked.  In relation to the client story above, it got a grown man crying in agony up off the floor, wipe his tears away and return to work that day.

Consider this?  Every living thing in this Universe is made up of energy, literally every single atom, be it a solar system, planet, the Earth we walk on or the body we use to walk.  Our bodies are living atoms all vibrating together to keep us together.  Now and then this togetherness needs energetic correction, and that is what Acupuncture provides, it unblocks the pathways that lead to stagnant energy, allowing the body’s natural energy flows to flow.

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