The old texts state that,

“Wind is the Spear Head of a Thousand Diseases!”

Headaches, Upper back and Neck pains are more often than not due to an attack of wind.

At this time of year when we go outside into the cold, the westerly winds attack us like a knife in the back. If your body is weak the wind will get under the skin lodging itself into the muscles. The muscles will spasm to stop further penetration into the body. Once in spasm, the muscles will pull the vertebras out of alignment impinging on the nerves and give you neck pain.

With this neck pain you are most likely to experience headaches as well. If the headache is caused by wind it usually feels like a clamp or a wet towel tightly rapped around the head. You’ll feel dizzy, blurry and have heavy eyelids as if you need sleep. You’re likely to have a runny nose and tension at the back of your head, just below the skull. (This area is called the wind gate because it’s where the wind enters)

• If it was a stress related headache your eyes may also be sore and the headache would be sharp instead of dull. And you are mostly likely to be irritable and anxious with a stress headache.

All of this happens because your “wei Qi” pronounced (whey chee) has been compromised by the wind. Your Wei Qi works just like the earth’s ozone layer protecting us from external pathogens but when your Wei Qi is weak the opening and closing of your pores becomes slow. So instead of your pores closing as you leave the warmth of your home or office they stay open for a while longer giving the speedy wind a chance to dive straight in and give you all the above symptoms.

How to avoid this from happening?

• If you know you are run down be sure to cover your neck and shoulders when ever moving from a warm area into a cold area and this includes bed to the bathroom!
• Avoid working out at the gym under an aircon. When you are sweating, your pores are open, a perfect opportunity for that wind (from the aircon) to dive straight in there.
• Going from the shower to another room cover your shoulders before leaving the bathroom.
• Also cold and wind can even penetrate the body if your back is exposed to the glass of a window when sleeping.
• But the number one way to prevent it is strengthen your body’s Qi and keep it strong.

How to Strengthen Your Qi

• Be sure you get plenty of sleep and eat well.
• Eat root vegetables more often – they have qi strengthening properties
• Be sure to do some type of exercise at least 3 times a week – Yoga , Tai Chi and Qi gong are all ideal for strengthening Qi.
• Have acupuncture and herbs before your body is run down, that way you are building on the strength of your Qi instead of recovering from an illness and then have to build up after the illness has gone.

If you have the above symptoms can it be treated?

Yes, absolutely! You will need cupping, acupuncture and maybe some herbs, all this will depend on what level the wind is at. It can dive 6 levels into the body, all the way to the bone marrow. If it gets there, you will be in a lot of pain and no matter what you do to get warm it won’t work. At this stage you will need herbs for sure. So don’t let it get there!

Massage Therapy or a cranial release massage is another great treatment to relieve the muscle pain that may be the cause of your headaches.

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