The miracle of life really is a miracle. There are many medical reasons why women and men can find it challenging to conceive. Once factors causing infertility have been ascertained, the process couples go through to make changes to improve their chances of conception and successful pregnancy can often lead to further stress, frustration and blaming each other. The act of love making to conceive a baby becomes routine and pressured and it can lead to distance between the couple at a time when they need to be relaxed, intimate and loving.

Sometimes in just knowing where you stand and what is going on can help a couple relax about the time it may take to conceive or have greater acceptance of the trials they are experiencing along the way. Traditional Chinese Feng Shui and other branches of Chinese metaphysics including Ba Tze, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine is one avenue gaining popularity and used by couples to improve intimacy and chances for pregnancy. These Eastern sciences are based on fundamental laws of nature that highlight how your body is interacting within your immediate surrounds and coping with the pressures of life.

Reproducing is in itself a fundamental part of nature. In this fast paced, fast food society the capacity for our bodies to reproduce can sometimes become out of sync with our natural and most basic reason for being. It therefore makes sense that to get back in sync we need to examine our environment and ensure its energy is supporting our harmony and health. In China, they have termed the study of the influences our environment has on all things ‘Feng Shui’.

Ba Tze – an ancient branch of Chinese Astrology also called the Four Pillars of Destiny can be used as an important profiling and forecasting tool in understanding the opportunities you have for children in your life. Chinese Astrology can reveal underlying susceptibility to certain health issues that affect fertility; highlight good timing for you and your partner to conceive and uncover any specific life lessons relating to your children over the course of your life. To maximise your Chinese Astrology reading for children it is important to know your birth date including your birth hour and place of birth. Chinese Astrology reveals much more than just family and children and you will find it a fascinating tool to help you balance your life and make the most of good fortune when it arrives.

Depending on your chart, and focusing on Feng Shui for pregnancy, recommendations you can expect from Chinese Astrology reading can include:
• Ensuring good Feng Shui in your home to encourage positive harmonious energies that will improve your relationships and nurture your body to conceive
• Use of Acupuncture to remedy problematic body organs and functions and to stimulate reproductive organs
• Stabilising the route cause of health issues with nutritional supplements suitable for imbalances in the body impeding fertility. This may also include visiting a naturopath or Chinese herbalist for advice on specific teas to consume
• If your chart reveals obstacles with having children, then Ba Tze can help you make personal decisions about proceeding down paths like medical fertility treatments and IVF.
Like most things, the sum of the whole will produce desired outcomes. The recommendations should be implemented in a holistic fashion –fortifying the influence of each practice.

Feng Shui is an important controllable factor in your life that will assist you in conceiving a child. Good Feng Shui in your bedroom and proper use of rooms within your home can enhance fertility and improve intimacy with your partner. Using rooms in your home correctly and positioning your bedroom furniture using Feng Shui principles is paramount to making the most of your environment for a successful result. Good Feng Shui for the bedroom and home is one part of the equation, ensuring any health related obstacles are being treated follows simultaneously. Your Acupuncture specialist and Chinese herbalist will assess your health from the route cause and then treat you. Alternatively, being treated by a Western medical professional can also be effective.

We are lucky in today’s society to be well informed and have access to a wide range of practices and choice. Chinese metaphysical sciences like Feng Shui are non invasive and backed by thousands of years of evidence from people and families that have been successful in using it as a tool to empower and improve their lives. Using Feng Shui for pregnancy is not to be taken lightly and your Feng Shui consultant should be able to use both Ba Tze and Flying Star Feng Shui to make accurate recommendations for your situation and home. Due to the personal nature of pregnancy you should select a Feng Shui practitioner that you feel comfortable with and one that can adequately answer all your questions.

On a personal note, I had difficulty conceiving my first child. After many years in a highly stressful corporate position and keeping fit by running 5 times a week, my body was unable to give what a new life required to grow. My husband and I had tried in earnest for 12 months and even though my destiny chart revealed I was able to have many children (albeit a tad later than I was aiming) we were spiralling into frustration and despair. Finally I spent time in my home rearranging my bedroom and implementing Feng Shui bedroom decor. At the same time decided to couple Chinese Acupuncture with my good Feng Shui. To my surprise, my qualified Acupuncturist did not treat me to get pregnant straight away but insisted on treating my extremely high blood pressure (for which I was medicated) and poorly functioning organs to start with. Only after these were treated (approximately 8 visits) was my reproductive system stimulated and voila! I conceived the following month. I realised during my visits that to carry a healthy baby to full term, my underlying health issues needed to be addressed first. During pregnancy I continued to use Acupuncture for my morning sickness which left me feeling wonderful and lasted for around 4 weeks before nausea returned and I found myself getting another treatment. The most amazing benefit was that after treatment I came off my blood pressure medication and have not had to resume medication. Needless to say with my body functioning and back in sync, we conceived by surprise our second child as my Ba Tze chart predicted (when my hour of birth clashed with the year of the Dog). Oops – even in knowing you can’t help surprises.

What is good bedroom Feng Shui?
Knowing and manipulating the energy and Feng Shui in your bedroom can help in many areas including couples trying to fall pregnant and simply improving your connection with each other.
Good bedroom Feng Shui will depend on the layout of your home, the front facing orientation and the age of your home. A professional Feng Shui consultant will not only look at the physical aspects of your home and bedroom but be able to draw up an energy grid showing the real influences your environment is having on your life.

Recommendations you can expect from a Feng Shui consultation may vary from simplistic and subtle changes of colour and decor to more physical suggestions for furniture placement and then to the extreme recommendations where the bedroom may not be useful to use at all and if practical, alternate rooms will be recommended until your achieve your goals.

While there are many practical and common sense Feng Shui tips to set up the physical room and placement of furniture within your room, these recommendations will only penetrate the surface of the issues you may be experiencing be they ill health, depression, marital distance, conflict with your partner, difficulty getting pregnant. You may feel an instant change, but that change may not be lasting. What will get to the route cause are the recommendations that derive from analysing the unseen Flying Star Feng Shui energy circulating your bedroom and around your home.

For good Feng Shui in your home to promote fertility and encourage lasting loving relationships, you can take positive action and make changes to your life through altering your environment. If you are a DIY person then books and courses are ideal, however, it is important to do your homework and select a course or book that follows traditional Chinese Feng Shui. A qualified and experienced Feng Shui professional will be able to tell you where the cause of your challenges are stemming from and make useful and practical recommendations to minimise the severity or totally turn the situation around. Below are some free Bedroom Feng Shui tips that you can assess immediately to create a shift in energy. For lasting results, consult a professional who can assess the Flying Star Feng Shui of your home and make genuine recommendations.

Form School Feng Shui Tips for the bedroom include:
• It is best not to have mirrors in the bedroom, especially not reflecting the bed—if nothing else, it’s a little scary when you wake up to find you’re staring back at yourself in the middle of the night! Mirrors can also create a feeling that someone else is intruding or watching you in a place you would prefer to be a private retreat
• To encourage a good night’s rest, the bed-head should be against a solid wall. If there is no other space than under a window, ensure block out curtains or blinds and a tall and solid bedhead that will reduce the chill from the window and provide support while sleeping
• Place the bed adjacent to the door to avoid active energy entering the room and disturbing your peaceful rest
• If your home has exposed beams, avoid placing beds or seats underneath them as it can cause a feeling of restriction
• Allow sunlight through during the day, but have window coverings for night time to induce a good night’s rest
• Avoid air conditioners directly above the bed or placing a Television in the bedroom that will make the room active and detract from the peacefulness of the room
• Avoid placing the bed head directly in line with the door especially if at the end of a long corridor, this will provide too much yang energy coming at your head disturbing your sleep
• While LCD Clocks won’t disturb heavy sleeper, light sleepers will find it useful to cover the clock before going to bed.

Feng Shui is not mystical it is simply a practice that taps into how human beings interrelate with nature and our natural environment. Traditional Chinese Feng Shui is methodical, systematic and based on a database of patterns and outcomes given certain situations. After thousands of years of practice the Chinese have developed this social science into something that can truly assist people with their health, well being and prosperity.

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