Rage, fear, anger, joy, frustration and sorrow. All emotions are expressed uniquely in the human body. We see it every day.  Many people say if you feel good, you look good!

But what happens when you aren’t feeling good? Our bodies are masters at storing memory and these memories allow us to learn and grow as we continue through life’s journey.

In times of stress, we tend to adapt and overcome, which allows us to carry on. A lot of this adaptation can be a result of our state of mind before, during and after this stress.

If your state of mind is unbalanced and you have thoughts constantly coming and going, not allowing for any free-time inside your head, you may very well be stirring a recipe for muscle or nervous tension, aches and pains in your body.

One of the commonest symptoms in times of busyness, stress or any increase in activity is a sore neck or sore shoulders.  Sound familiar? You may be asking yourself, what have I done to cause this? Yes you may have moved improperly or lifted too much at a time however, if you were not concentrating or if you were anxious, nervous or even fearful, this would probably have been the cause for your muscle soreness and not the movement.

When any amount or type of stress exists in our mind, messages are sent from our brain to our muscles. Changes taking place in the path from our brain to our muscles involve chemicals being released in our body to allow our muscles to contract. If your mind is crowded and you find yourself always doing something, are anxious or nervous (to name a few), your muscles may always be firing and even though you are not moving, tightness and tension will still be present. Until you address your mind, your muscles will remain like this.

It is important to give yourself free time to relax and recover. This will allow a steady relationship between your mind and body.  Massage therapy has proven well to address emotional well-being and thus benefiting your physical state of health.  If you are in need for some time to let go of your thoughts and would like a massage treatment call 02 92333 800 and ask for Gloria. You can also email me at Gloria@backonyourfeet.com.au