Giving blood has its positives and negatives, let me explain;

Blood, the liquid of life, it’s what circulates through our body and keeps us warm, it’s what transports oxygen to our brain so we can function, it’s what brings nutrients to our injuries to have them heal, without blood we cannot survive. Without “enough” blood we will have restless sleep, be constipated, become irritable, age rapidly, have troubles seeing, feel dizzy, light headed and feel cold when others are warm.

Many people are what’s called in Chinese Medicine “blood deficient”, meaning their body is not producing enough blood and although they won’t need a blood transfusion they will need to consider strengthening their digestive system especially the spleen. The spleen is responsible for taking the nutrients from the food we consume and transforming it into blood. If we have a bad diet, have an eating disorder or are continually under stress the function of the spleen will be limited and therefore will not do its job in providing blood.

If a person that’s blood deficient gives blood they will then become even more blood deficient and have a tendency to faint, feel cold and be constantly lethargic. A person who is blood deficient and insists in giving blood is in fact putting their own life in danger. If we go give blood and then spend the next week under functioning, we could easily walk out in front of a car, fall asleep when driving, make very bad errors at work that can cause a company to go bust and all this could be just put down to “I was not thinking straight!”. Not thinking straight is true but the reason behind it can be as simple as being blood deficient and not eating properly.

To look at the other end of the spectrum, if you are someone who is angry all the time, suffers from headaches, bad pimples, insomnia (of the excess type), has blood clots, pain in the legs from blockages then giving blood could be the perfect treatment and duty for you. The above symptoms are of an excess type, the body has pain or heat because the blood is not moving. The liver’s job is to have the blood move but if we are stressed all the time then the blood will back up like a traffic jam and then all the above excess symptoms will surface.  When someone cuts themselves the blood loss forces the body to respond by moving the blood to the injured area for healing. When this happens all tension is released and in many cases you are cured of the dis-ease.  A classic example is when a woman has period pain due to emotional tension and once the period comes and the blood is released all her pain disappears.   There has been countless times when someone has had a sickness or server pain and after they have a blood test for their doctor the problem just disappears. The drawing of the blood moved the stagnation!

So if you want to give blood please be sure your own honey pot is full first and then by all means give blood to help save the lives of others. If you are blood deficient or have the symptoms that I spoke of earlier in the article then look to have blood strengthening herbs and or acupuncture to build your blood reserves.

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