Cosmetic Acupuncture Allows Your Body to Turn Back the Clock Naturally

If your face is losing its youthful glow and beginning to show signs of ageing, cosmetic acupuncture may be the natural solution you’re looking for. Back On Your Feet provides acupuncture that targets specific areas of your face, working to reduce wrinkles, increase hydration and collagen production, and balance skin tone. By stimulating specific energy points in your face, the treatment allows your body to repair itself.

Benefits of Cosmetic Acupuncture in Sydney

Acupuncture is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that aims to stimulate specific energy points in the body to increase blood flow, allow proper lymphatic drainage and eliminate pain. This process promotes balance throughout the entire body, to reduce the signs of ageing from within. Using needles, no larger than a fine hair, acupuncturists lightly tap the needles into place and allow you to rest while the trigger points activate.

  • With cosmetic acupuncture in Sydney City, you won’t leave our office with an expressionless face. Your face will not be frozen in time, yet it will feel rejuvenated.
  • Cosmetic acupuncture is often effective for lines and wrinkles, sagging or drooping skin, dark circles, acne, uneven skin tone, scarring and dryness.
  • While you won’t walk out the door looking miraculously younger, you will feel the stimulation in your face as your body repairs damage and eliminates toxins. As time goes by you will notice skin that is firmer and hydrated, reducing lines and correcting colour imbalances.

It took time for your skin to advance to this stage and it will take time to restore the balance lost through environmental and lifestyle factors, in addition to genetics. Be patient with the treatment process and take photos periodically to see the advancement of better skin.

Related Services We Provide for Cosmetic Acupuncture in Sydney CBD

Using acupuncture and massage we treat the whole body, creating complete wellness. We begin all our acupuncture treatments with massage to enhance blood flow and lymphatic drainage. This massage prepares your body for the treatment of many ailments.

  • Pain relief is the biggest enticement for acupuncture, from chronic migraines to sports injuries, acupuncture closes the pain pathways, which helps to calm nerves and reduce inflammation, minimising pain without the use of harmful and addictive medications.
  • This natural remedy may help with a multitude of physical issues including, but not limited to, trouble sleeping, digestive issues, weak immune systems, low energy, mood swings, high blood pressure and thyroid issues.
  • Acupuncture is helpful for reproductive issues, from irregular menstruation to fertility problems.

Why Trust Back On Your Feet Regarding Facial Acupuncture in Sydney

We have a combined 40 years’ experience helping people look and feel their best. We listen to your concerns and design a treatment plan that includes massage to stimulate your body and apply acupuncture needles to target points on your body to promote healing and pain relief.

Contact us to learn more about our acupuncture treatments and how they can help you look and feel younger.