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China is a country that is naturally rich in herbal medicines. Based on traditional Chinese medicine, more than a billion people world wide use herbal remedies to care for their health. Interest in Chinese patent medicines is growing rapidly around the world as people seek new, alternative ways of healing illnesses.

Chinese herbal medicine promotes prevention and an integrated, holistic approach, instead of simply trying to cure diseases after they’ve reached a full-blown state. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 80% of the world’s population uses herbal remedies to care for their health because these remedies are natural and have very few side effects.
How Chinese herbs are Classified:
The first Materia Medica of Chinese healing herbs, called Ben Cao in Mandarin was published during the Han Dynasty in 100 BC. It contains 365 natural remedies, arranged by their sources, whether they are botanical, animal, mineral or unknown. In recent times, newer volumes have been published that organize the more than 5000 known Chinese patent medicines, according to modern pharmacological understanding and reports from clinical applications.

Chinese medicines are often classified according to their effect on the body, whether they act as:

  • Immuno-stimulants
  • Antibiotics
  • Antibacterial
  • Antiviral

Although each herb may be used for a specific action, herbal products are multifunctional because they contain several different active ingredients. Traditional Chinese patent Medicines are based on ancient herbal recipes that are time tested, safe and effective. It’s important to get the advice of an experienced TCM practitioner and to purchase medicines that are made of 100% pure authentic Chinese herbs of the highest quality from traceable sources.
How to take Chinese Herbal Remedies:
Herbs can be taken in a variety of ways. In some cases, the raw herb or root can be taken dry or cooked in water to make an herbal tea. Infusions are one of the best ways to preserve the herb’s active ingredients and should be prepared carefully according to the directions provided. Traditionally, Chinese medicines are taken in liquid form or in honey-wrapped pills.

However, taking these forms of herbal medicine can be time consuming and messy. To make them more accessible and convenient, Chinese patent medicine is now made by following traditional formulas in combination with modern pharmaceutical processes. This method allows the active ingredients to be extracted from the herbs and concentrated so that they can be packaged into tablets, pills, powders or teas.

Most remedies will involve six or more Chinese herbs. Usually, the formulation includes a principle herb, a secondary one, which is used to activate the primary herb and other complementary herbs in small amounts. These additional ingredients have a specific role to buffer the effects of the primary herb or to adapt the properties of the medicine to treat a specific illness.

Chinese herbal medicines are produced in accordance with international food and drug guidelines. The ingredients and dosage of each herb is selected according to the condition that is being treated. In some cases, a practitioner will prepare a special combination of herbs for a patient or they may prescribe one that has already been prepared. Over the course of the treatment, the remedy may be modified, depending on the response or any mild reactions that may occur.
How Are Chinese Patent Medicines Used?
Chinese Patent Medicines are effective in treating a full range of diseases and conditions, from common colds and flus to HIV symptoms and cancer.

Traditional Patent Medicines can be used safely by people of all levels of wellness, because they are naturally derived. Since many of the remedies have been used for thousands of years, through generations of clinical experience, any strong, undesirable side effects have long been eliminated. The side effects of herbal remedies are usually very minimal and are easy to resolve. Most people find that while taking Chinese medicines, there are no noticeable side effects and that their condition improves significantly and rapidly. Herbal remedies play an important part of an overall holistic treatment that can lead to a full recovery and rejuvenation.


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