Looks can kill!

When they say looks can kill… its probably true. We all know everybody likes to look their best. Your attire can say a lot if you’re trying to make an impression.  I’m here to tell you not to worry so much about what you’re wearing… but more about ‘how’ what you are wearing can be […]

Emotions and Your Body

Rage, fear, anger, joy, frustration and sorrow. All emotions are expressed uniquely in the human body. We see it every day.  Many people say if you feel good, you look good! But what happens when you aren’t feeling good? Our bodies are masters at storing memory and these memories allow us to learn and grow […]

Top 10 Reason why you should have a Remedial Stone Fusion Massage

Remedial Stone Fusion is a combination of Hot stones and Massage techniques. The Stones are used to massage the entire body with the use of Sweet Almond blend of massage oil. Here are the top 10 benefits of a Remedial Stone Fusion Massage: 1. Relieve Stress Forget about work, forget about your home duties, forget […]