How massage can help you

Many of my clients who walk thru my clinic door, generally seek massage because  1. Injured themselves Woke up with pain in their body Pain has lingered around for a few days and is not getting better. But did you know massage therapy can be very therapeutic, it is generally considered to be relaxing and […]

Why do I feel sore after a Massage treatment?

Feeling sore after a MASSAGE treatment. Is this normal? It’s Monday morning, your neck and shoulders are feeling tight. You spent all of your weekend lifting and carrying boxes and furniture to your new apartment and now you are feeling the consequences from your weekend.  There’s a massage clinic close to your workplace so you […]


Is work driving your STRESS level up to the roof? Or are you stuck in a situation that’s causing you to STRESS? Here are some tips to manage your time and combat the stress.   Eat Breakfast – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and many people tend to skip this meal. […]