The menstrual cycle: Why are we so different and what is ideal?

For all the women out there: Do you know what an ideal period is? This includes, how long a bleed should last, how many days a cycle should last, and how heavy a flow is meant to be? Firstly, if you have concerns with your menstrual cycle it is important to consult your general practitioner. […]

Pregnancy Prep

It’s a fact that Acupuncture increases the chances of getting pregnant but when is the best time to have acupuncture? The answer to this question lies in the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine and every other Natural therapy!  “Prevention is better than cure”. By preparing the soil in spring you’ll grow a great crop in […]

Are you finding it difficult to conceive a child?

The clock is ticking and your hubby is at his prime. You have both been going at it for months and months and you’re almost out of breath with no child to show for your efforts. Or perhaps you have conceived time and time again, unfortunately you keep having miscarriages. You are not alone! More […]