A Homeopathic approach to breast cancer

Introduction Breast cancer is the most-frequently diagnosed, life-threatening cancer in women and the leading cause of cancer death among women. In 2008, the American Cancer Society estimated around 1.4 million new cases worldwide. Despite breast cancer’s prevalence, conventional, or allopathic, medicine has been unable to discover the cause of the majority of cases. Numerous theories […]

The British Aristocracy Helped Homeopathy Thrive

It was sometime around the year 1841 when the Earl of Shrewsbury felt the need for a physician. But where was a nineteenth century aristocrat to turn, when all the doctors in town utilized bloodletting with leeches, purgatives, emetics, and other invasive, painful, and downright dangerous procedures in their “healing” practices? He asked around, locked […]

Successfully Treating Ovarian Cysts with Homeopathy

This is a case study from our very own Homeopath at Back on your feet clinic. Osvaldo will take you through his case study on how Ovarian cysts were treated successfully with homeopathy Ovarian Cysts On this occasion I am going to talk about a young woman. She was 25 years old when she first […]