Headache or a Migraine??

Nearly everybody at some stage of their life will experience some type of headache. Headaches have many causes all of which present themselves differently. The area of the head, the type of sensation and time of the day will all vary due to the cause of the headache. Following is a list of the different […]

What is a Cranial Release Massage?

Are you feeling stressed? Do you suffer headaches and migraines but not sure of the cause? Do you constantly clench your teeth? Or suffer from insomnia? If Yes, why not try a Cranial Release Massage to help relieve this pain? Many people aren’t aware of just how the tension in their cranial system can affect […]

Headaches and Neck pain!

The old texts state that, “Wind is the Spear Head of a Thousand Diseases!” Headaches, Upper back and Neck pains are more often than not due to an attack of wind. At this time of year when we go outside into the cold, the westerly winds attack us like a knife in the back. If […]