Is work driving your STRESS level up to the roof? Or are you stuck in a situation that’s causing you to STRESS? Here are some tips to manage your time and combat the stress.   Eat Breakfast – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and many people tend to skip this meal. […]

Emotions and Your Body

Rage, fear, anger, joy, frustration and sorrow. All emotions are expressed uniquely in the human body. We see it every day.  Many people say if you feel good, you look good! But what happens when you aren’t feeling good? Our bodies are masters at storing memory and these memories allow us to learn and grow […]

Anxiety – a vicious cycle

Have you ever noticed tapping of the foot, continual picking at the body, finger nail biting, fiddling with things, pacing up and down, starting something, then moving onto another project before the first is finished.  Or cleaning something then going back to clean it again?  Not you, someone you know or have experienced in others? […]