How To Reduce Muscular Pain By Keeping Hydrated

Hydration is a key feature to enable you to stay fit, healthy and pain-free.  So how does keeping hydrated reduce muscular pain? Your muscle requires adequate hydration and by drinking plenty of water this will help to keep the muscles hydrated and in return, you will be pain-free.  The consumption of water will increase circulation […]

The menstrual cycle: Why are we so different and what is ideal?

For all the women out there: Do you know what an ideal period is? This includes, how long a bleed should last, how many days a cycle should last, and how heavy a flow is meant to be? Firstly, if you have concerns with your menstrual cycle it is important to consult your general practitioner. […]

Headache or a Migraine??

Nearly everybody at some stage of their life will experience some type of headache. Headaches have many causes all of which present themselves differently. The area of the head, the type of sensation and time of the day will all vary due to the cause of the headache. Following is a list of the different […]