Do you hate the appearance of cellulite on your legs? Are those cellulite annoying you? Are they ruining the smooth look of your skin? Good news! Massage and cupping can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite, reduce the lumpy look and prevent them from reappearing.

What are Cellulite? It is those ugly, lumpy, dimply looking appearance on the skin that are normally seen on the legs and can appear on anyone regardless of age, gender and fitness levels. The appearance is due to poor blood circulation and build up of toxins that clog up in the lymphatic system. As a result the toxins trap themselves in and around fat cells under the skin hence the “lumpy” appearance.

How to get rid of cellulite? Massage and Cupping treatments can help. Getting rid of cellulite will not happen overnight. So be prepare to have patience and be willing to be committed to a treatment plan.

The First step to the treatment is to remove the toxins that causes the build up and congestion in the circulation. A Lymphatic Drainage Massage will do the job. This massage treatment is a very delicate and gentle treatment that is aim to clear up the congestion in the lymphatic system. The massage focus on waking up the lymphatic system and aiding the flow of circulation to the Liver to eliminate the toxins out of the body.  Having regular weekly massage treatment after will ensure the blood circulation in the body flows smoothly.

Secondly cupping is a great detoxification tool. Cupping is a suction device that will be able to pull the toxins up and out of the skin as it moves and drain the lymph nodes. With this treatment the glass cups are placed on the area that are affected by cellulite, a suction from the cups will take place and the cups can be gently moved across the skin. This is an amazing treatment as cupping will effectively increase the blood circulation, stimulate the flow in the lymphatic system, reduce swelling, remove toxins, clearing any stagnation, breaking up fatty tissue and cellulite deposits. As a bonus the skin develops collagen and elastin resulting in a nicer skin texture.

Additionally diet, exercise and water intake are also a major contributor to the appearance of cellulite.

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