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Do you experience tight or tense muscles? Do you feel that even though you do your exercise at the gym, park, beach or home you still have these tight or tense muscles? You may not be devoting enough time to stretching. Stretching is as equally important as strengthening – but how much attention do you […]

Cold hands and feet, what to do?

Well, the colder seasons are creeping up now and already we are feeling the coldest temperatures for the year. Well, at least that’s what the news is saying. People are starting to layer up with thicker jumpers, thermals and warmer pants. Let’s face it, summer is over for now. So, what else comes with cold weather? […]

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture Acupuncture is the oldest system of medicine that is still in use today. It is an Ancient art of healing originating from China that aims to treat the patient rather then the disease. This form of treatment involves the use of fine needles needling points along specific meridians around the body to bring about […]