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Sore hips and Knees

The knees and hips are two common areas of discomfort in people who sit down for long periods (e.g. at the desk or in front of the TV) and people who participate in physical activity (e.g. cycling or running). There is nothing wrong with sitting down or doing physical activity – both are necessities for […]

An important note for computer operators

It’s all too common how people are inhibited from doing their work because of injury or are forced to stop their work for long periods as they recover at home – sometimes meaning no income. This may be relative to any work industry however as you are reading this at your desk I want to […]

What is a Cranial Release Massage?

Are you feeling stressed? Do you suffer headaches and migraines but not sure of the cause? Do you constantly clench your teeth? Or suffer from insomnia? If Yes, why not try a Cranial Release Massage to help relieve this pain? Many people aren’t aware of just how the tension in their cranial system can affect […]