Why do I feel sore after a Massage treatment?

Feeling sore after a MASSAGE treatment. Is this normal? It’s Monday morning, your neck and shoulders are feeling tight. You spent all of your weekend lifting and carrying boxes and furniture to your new apartment and now you are feeling the consequences from your weekend.  There’s a massage clinic close to your workplace so you […]


Have you ever suffered from STRESS? Do you lead a hectic lifestyle that causes STRESS in your daily life? Do you want to know some simple steps that you can take to relieve your STRESS?   I can show you HOW….    Everyone of us would experience some form of stress in our life. As […]

I had hip pain, but why did my Acupuncturist insert a needle into my hand?

 I have seen a lot of clients suffering from hip pain. The common acupuncture treatment method I use for hip pain is to insert a needle into the opposite side of the hand. If they have pain in the right side of the hip, I will needle the left hand. The needle site is just […]