Massage & Reiki Therapist

Inga is a passionate and driven massage therapist who has a lot to offer her clients. Her passion for providing optimal treatments was inspired by her personal experience in massage. Inga had previously suffered from severe chronic headaches that caused systemic problems in her body including muscle aches and fatigue. Through receiving regular massage therapy treatments, Inga’s perspective on life changed from always suffering headaches to feeling pain free, confident, and boundless in energy.

Motivated by her positive experience, Inga pursued a Diploma of Remedial Massage. She enjoys her busy work-life balance of being a massage therapist by working in corporate hospitality, teaching fitness, and healing with Reiki.  When it comes to working as a Massage Therapist, she feels incredibly privileged to be able to directly help people in a one-on-one scenario. Inga also believes that massage therapy is a service that rewards effort, time and time again.

What does Inga enjoy most about massaging?

“I enjoy the feeling of being able to educate and assist people in the management of their lifestyles as well as that ‘hands on’ approach that massage gives. Massage is quite unique in that there are so many applications as well as different techniques that can be used to improve the wellbeing of clients. It can be as much a ‘thinking game’ as a ‘feeling game’. I think when you learn to successfully blend these two, that is when you become a great therapist.”

Inga’s studies taught her to prioritise her patient’s well being first. She can immediately identify which conditions she can help with, and when to refer patients to other health practitioners. As a result of this approach, other health practitioners have learnt the value and importance of qualified remedial massage treatment in the rehabilitation process of the patient.

Inga sets the highest possible standards for hygiene, client comfort, massage technique and therapist ergonomics; which in her opinion, places her above other trained therapists in the industry. She aims to never stop trying to help and never stop learning. Inga also enjoys interacting with different people and loves to help others.

If you are encouraged in seeking a true experience of Inga’s massage with the purpose and nourishment from her holistic hands and soul, book an appointment to see Inga.

Inga is a registered massage therapist, and Health Fund rebates are claimable

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