At Back on your Feet we strive to provide the best care for all our patients helping them to feel like themselves again. With over 40 years combined experience, our highly professional and caring practitioners will ensure you are taken care of to the best of our ability. Our clinic focuses in pain management from sport injuries to overuse of muscle and joints. We do offer services for Cosmetic, Fertility and Pregnancy care, also a range of other treatment services.

At Back On Your Feet we offer Acupuncture and Massage treatments for:

– Sport injuries
– Acute and chronic pain relief
– Headaches
– Migraines
– Neck and lower back pain
– Muscular tension or tightness
– Joint pain
– Nerve pain
– Spinal realignment/adjustment
– Tennis/Golfers elbow
– Frozen shoulder
– Knee and hip problems
– Sciatica
– Fertility
– Pregnancy
– Menstrual issues
– Digestive issues
– Stress management
– Healthier lifestyle
– Cosmetic Issues

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