Have you ever suffered from STRESS?

Do you lead a hectic lifestyle that causes STRESS in your daily life?

Do you want to know some simple steps that you can take to relieve your STRESS?


I can show you HOW…. 


Everyone of us would experience some form of stress in our life. As an Acupuncturist and Massage therapist, I treat many clients with neck and shoulder tension. For some, the cause of their muscle tension is due to physical strain from bad posture or physical exercise. But majority it is due to STRESS!  

An important reminder when dealing with stress is simply to… RELAX!!! Remind yourself that the feeling of stress is normal, healthy even. But how is this so? Well, stress is a natural response of the human body. It is the body’s way of helping us effectively manage and address challenging situations that we deal with in our everyday life. In spite of this, stress can often be overwhelming and difficult to handle if it interferes too much in one’s life, which can be damaging for the body (and mind!) in the long run.

Thankfully, it is definitely possible to manage STRESS.  Here are a few healthy ways that you can relieve your stress and ensure that you can proceed with your everyday life:

Step 1- RELAX:

Practice relaxation. This can be in the form of meditation, yoga or your favourite activity (such as reading a book or listening to your favourite music). Taking the time to relax and enjoy yourself helps your body to unwind. Getting a relaxing massage treatment to improve circulation throughout the body is a great relaxing stress reliever.

Step 2 – EXERCISE:

Keep your body moving! It’s not necessary to go to a gym or start running a marathon, but even the most simplest exercises can do wonders in dealing with stress. This is because exercise releases endorphins, which essentially, makes your body feel happy! Take a walk around the block in you lunch break. Walk thru a garden before or after work.

Step 3 – EAT RIGHT:

Ensure that you are feeding your body the right (i.e. healthy) food. Avoid, or at least minimise, putting alcohol, caffeine and tobacco or other drugs into your body. Look after your body’s health!


Make time to spend with all of the people (and animals) that you love and care about! This social network can build a strong and loving support system that may be the greatest way of dealing with stress.

Step 5 – SLEEP:

Getting the right amount of sleep that your body needs is so vital when handling stress. This is because getting proper sleep ensures that you have the ability and energy to deal with every upcoming day, and not focus on your stress.

And that’s it! These are my 5 steps to relieving STRESS. You should feel like a new you after achieving all these steps.

Enjoy your STRESS FREE day!  


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