Bloating, Abdominal Distension, baby on the way! Call it what you please, it’s a digestive problem that’s common to many.

The stomach and spleen are the two organs that are responsible for rotting and ripening the food, breaking it down and distributing the nutrients throughout the body. From an energetic point of view the stomach cooks the food and the spleen takes the food Qi (energy) and transports it around fuelling your body allowing you […]

Libido or Lack of it!

Today’s subject is on sex drive. Most people have the desire but lack the drive. As life gets faster, we end up working ridiculous hours and our rest time is compromised which means we have even less time for play. However this is not the only reason we have a low sex drive. If we […]

Bad breath

Nearly everyone during their life experiences “the” kiss of death! Yes, that kis s! It might be your first kiss or one from a relative, but there is no-doubt it will always be remembered as the kiss of death. BAD BREATH! (Halitosis) Ever asked yourself how on earth did someone’s breath become so strong or […]