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Relax, unwind, and feel great with a treatment from the team at Back On Your Feet. Massage is great for more than simply relieving stress, it can be used remedially to treat injuries and alleviate pain. Conveniently located in Martin Place, we offer a wide selection of treatments, designed to provide our clients with a complete solution to aches, strains, stress and more.

A full selection of massage services

We offer a complete experience, with massage options including:

We also offer other treatments, including:

Plus much more. Ask us today for further details on what we can do for you.


Effective treatments for centuries

Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, has been used for thousands of years throughout China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Tibet. Based on Taoist philosophies, it combines herbal treatments, with massage, cupping and acupuncture therapies.

Over 2 billion people around the world use TCM to treat a broad range of conditions, from the common cold to Parkinson’s. Other effects and can include:

  • Increased energy and more restful sleep
  • Pain and cramp free menstrual cycles
  • Improved fertility and increased sex drive
  • Relief from muscular pains, headaches and migraines
  • Relief from constipation and digestive disorders
  • Decreased stress levels

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